Friday, April 27, 2018

Canada - The World's New 3rd World Dictatorship...

In 2015, Canadians wanted a change from a government that seemed to be cloaked in secrecy most of the time, and who was led by a man of few words.  People wanted a change, and along came this cute kid with a nice smile (and ass), spouting wonderful political lies as they all do, and he was elected.

Well, those promises have almost all been broken, and the government is run with a Liberal iron fist and is shrouded in even more secrecy than the previous government.  Not only that, the new PM has broken numerous laws, traveled the world on redundant vacations (oops, Canadian business), and is flooding the country with a group of people that hate our culture.

He runs around like he can do anything he wants, without consequence, and he has apparently gotten away with it.  He holds complete disdain for Canadians and Canadian values, and although he smiles glowingly, he is screwing hard-working Canadians up the arse.  At the same time, he is is giving terrorists millions of dollars in false reparation, while muffling the voices of honest level-headed citizens.

A man with shit for brains, turning Canada into his own personal shithole.  It won't be too soon to see his nice ass disappearing into the sunset - hopefully on his way to a jail cell.  If he evades jail, and runs for re-election, I'll be casting my vote for the opposition (even though all politicians are criminals and made from the same mold).

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