Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Any Democratic Government built on the Party System and financed by Capitalism will eventually become completely corrupt.

That is what we are seeing today in the USA, Canada, Europe and any other democratic countries.  In order to be elected to lead a country, a person must first be selected by one of the few powerful political parties.  And the word 'powerful' means that the party has power through political funding.

Years ago, a person could become a leader by, you guessed it, being an honorable leader.  Today it takes money to earn a position of leadership, and if you don't have money yourself, you require it from a political party, who gets it from corporations and banks, who in turn, control the political party.

Democracies are now controlled by corrupt financiers from the top down.  They own the politicians, which means they own the law of the land.  Any law that they want changed is as easy as calling in a debt from a politician.  It becomes a vicious circle, with everyone getting rich and happily destroying the earth, except of course, for the citizens of the country.

When politicians give away all a countries money, no problem, just borrow more from the financiers.  Of course, the citizens will have to repay this debt, but the politicians will quietly slip away into a highly paid retirement, corporate jobs or overpaid speaking engagements, leaving the people to pay the price.

Until this system is changed, once great countries will truly become shit-holes.  President Trump was right again.  What can we do to change the system?

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