Saturday, April 1, 2017

Transgender parents of 7 year olds enabling their childs preference, is that good?

It is sad that the creator, or whoever else may be responsible for the creation of gays and transgenders in the world, has done this.  Transgenders only make up .3 % of the population, but lately their plight has been center-stage, with the public washroom controversy.  Which washroom they should use will be the least of their worries in years to come.  I hope it is not some kind of joke or experiment, to throw a few twists in the normal male and female world, to see what happens.

It is well known that transgender is apparently caused by a person having a male brain in a female body, or vice versa.  I won't attempt to analyze gay people in this blog.  What a terrible position to put a human being in.  It is obvious that these children have a good idea that they are different from a young age, and when their parents allow them to just be the person they think they are, without truly preparing them for the reality of what their adult lives will be like, they are doing them a great disservice.

The problem will hit full force when the child reaches adolescence, and starts looking at the other sex with desire, rather than just interest.  If they are a girl in a boys body, they will naturally look at boys as sexual partners.  This may all be well and good for them, but how many boys will reciprocate and see them as a female.  They may be attracted to the femininity of the transgender, but once they find out what is down below, things will probably change.

Of course, if the transgender is completely honest with their future potential partner, other problems may arise.  What if the man wants to have children?  This could be not only difficult, but impossible.  Would the man now be considered gay to be with a woman in another man's body?  The same would apply to a man in a woman's body.

Then there is the question of taking hormones, implanted breasts, and even operations to remove one sexual organ and replace it with another, in order to physically correct this imbalance.  This may give the transgender the appearance of being completely female, but they cannot still have children.  Also, statistics show that although transgenders have a higher rate of suicide than normal people, even after a sexual change, their statistics do not appreciably improve.

It seems to me, that what parents should do with transgender children, is to continue to show complete love for them as they should, but to stop enabling their desire to have people accept them for what sex they have chosen to be.  They are NOT normal, and the parents should prepare them for a life of heartache, abuse and condemnation.  Sure their lives will not be completely dysfunctional, but if they are properly prepared for what they will have to face, they can at least be mentally prepared.

They should ensure that they get proper emotional and mental support, because their lives will be much, much more difficult than straight people's.  Perhaps with proper guidance, and emotional support, these unfortunates can be given a fighting chance in the world.  But to allow a 7 year old girl in a boys body, to enact their true feelings, without preparation for disappointments to come, is not parenting, it is just the opposite - abandonment.

Just my opinion.