Friday, March 31, 2017

Have the RCMP have outlived their usefulness in Canada?

Do you wonder why politicians appear to be above the law.  They break law after law, and yet no one appears to truly investigate, and absolutely nothing is done to them  Can you remember the last politician that was charged with an obvious offence?

And what about the borders being opened up to terrorists and supposed refugees.  In the past, the border patrol, immigration and the RCMP (and it appears even the Armed Forces) were truly diligent on protecting Canadians against invaders.  Now they seem to be welcoming them with open arms.  Isn't this against the law.

I see the RCMP in Canada as mere puppets of the current government in power.  Instead of protecting the people, they are protecting corrupt politicians.  It is sickening.  I wonder how the leaders of the RCMP sleep at night, knowing that they are no longer peacekeepers, but government keepers.

My grandfather used to work at Canada Customs and he was proud of the job he did.  When he could catch a criminal trying to illegally enter Canada, they were dealt with swiftly and securely.  Now, the RCMP appear to be waiting at the border to give criminals a free ride to their new home, with all the free benefits befitting TRUE Canadians.  Actually, this is a lie, they get better benefits than people that have been paying taxes in Canada for years.

Perhaps it is time to have elected peacekeepers, Sheriffs, Marshall's, etc. like in the USA.  Perhaps then, we could once again feel protected.  And if not, we could vote them out of office and get a new sheriff in town.

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