Friday, February 17, 2017

Bill M-103 - Humantarianism under the guiese of Multiculturism...

and Political Correctness in Canada, is the highest contributing factor to racism. If there is one set of rules for Aboriginals and another for English/French Canadians;  one set of rules for French Canadians and another for English Canadians; one for Muslims and one for everyone else, Canada will eventually find civil war, or self-destruct.

In the past, Canada accepted all types of immigrants.  People struggling to come to Canada to integrate and build a new life for themselves and their families.  Background checks were done to confirm they were good people, and dishonest people or criminals were sent packing.

Of course these immigrants initially banded together and formed neighborhoods like 'Little Italy' and 'Chinatown', but all in all, they tried to fit into Canada, while at the same time giving Canada a taste of the culture they had brought with them.  Mostly, they tried to learn the language of the land and follow Canadian Laws.  They got jobs and contributed to Canadian society.

This is not happening today.  Many immigrants are claiming refugee status, claiming that they are under threat of life in the country they are fleeing.  Many are uneducated, and are unable to find jobs, and others, their credentials are not honored in Canada.  Either way, they have become a burden on the Canadian system, and in many cases, find it easier to collect welfare rather than look for work.

This group, has brought their culture and religion to Canada and have done basically the same as other immigrants.  They have banded together in certain areas of the country, and built mosques to practice their religion.  They have their own type of food, but it's preparation disgusts many current Canadians, so a viable new industry for Canada does not appear on the horizon for them.  The one main difference between them and past immigrants is that past immigrants accepted Canadian Law, and these new immigrants, freeloading off working Canadians, want to change Canada's laws to the laws they have run from.  Strange.

Anyway, what is happening in Canada now, if probably the tip of the iceberg that Canada will soon, if not already, facing.  Because our Federal Government believes they are loving and compassionate and treat all races, religions and cultures the same, they are welcoming these refugees in with open arms - knowing full well that their culture is a complete contradiction of Canadian culture and laws.  They feel good about what they are doing because they have seen pictures of atrocities occurring in the countries of these refugees, and are doing the only humanitarian thing possible.

Unfortunately, hidden amongst these true refugees, are religious leaders and actual terrorists.  These people are coming in as refugees, but their agenda is completely different.  Also, to make matters worse, these people have control, both financial and religious, over the majority and even worse, have their votes.

These new leaders have a few major objectives, but the main ones are to convert everyone to their religion, to kill any that don't convert, and to eventually become a majority in their new country, and impose Sharia Law.  Their law in the Middle East that allows them to beat their wives, have multiple wives, rape children (particularly those of infidels and Jews), and perform a number of other barbaric acts.  These acts would normally be abhorrent to the Western World, but because of multiculturalism and political correctness, the governments appear to be turning a blind eye to the problem.

Now that a few years have gone by since the first introduction of these refugees into Canada's culture, they have reached a majority in certain election areas, which means, they now have representatives in local, provincial and federal governments.  Rather than trying to represent the people of their city, province or country, they have started to show what their real intentions are.  That is, create division in Canada while always playing the victim card so they don't appear to be the instigators;  and most importantly, try to change the laws in Canada to eventually have Sharia Law in all of Canada.

Their first step is to put a stop to free speech in Canada, and primarily, not allow any criticism of Islam and their ultimate goals.  Bill M-103 is the first step in their eventual government takeover.  Once people can no longer criticize them personally, they will no longer be able to criticize any legislation they announce in the future, based on Islamophobia.

Canada's Federal Government does not have the mental capacity to figure out what is happening in their own government and country.  Their liberal ways of thinking have put Canada in extreme danger, and they seem oblivious to it.  Whatever the case, something has to be done soon by our leaders, or they may be on the edge of a revolt, and a third of all Canadians are armed.