Thursday, February 16, 2017

Racism isn't destroying the world, Activism is.

And with all of the various activist groups throughout the world, the only people with the time and money to have any kind of voice, are pacifists.  Not much of a fight.  And where are the true patriots to fight them?  Well, unfortunately they are too busy working for a living.

We have Gay Rights Activists pushing for gay marriage, gay's adopting children, and gay everything else.  If there were not gay activists, they gays would probably just carry on doing what they are doing and bothering no one in particular.  I'm not gay, and I must admit, I have nothing against gay men in particular, unless they start kissing and fondling each other in public.  There is something about being a straight guy that watching this disgusts me.  If they just minded their own business and kept their relationships behind closed doors, they would undoubtedly have much more public support for their causes.

Lesbian Rights Activists are another ball game.  They take activism to a much higher level.  They actually appear to hate all men, and any woman that does not agree with them.  Many have stated that they feel all men should be killed.  Nice people, and I guess this is what they want to accomplish.  All men to be killed and all women to become gay.   Good luck with that.

The we have Transgender Activists.  They want their own washrooms, or to be able to use the washroom of their choice.  What the neglect to see is the fact that this opens the door for perverts and pedophiles to enter whatever washroom they desire and take advantage of children.  Sane people can understand that transgenders could be ostracized in public washrooms, but this current change is just ridiculous.  There has to be a better solution.  Now, their cause has been lost by the negativity they have created themselves.

What about Religious Activists?  I wonder why Muslims have been living in the US, Canada and Europe for many years without incident.  Why are they trying to force their Sharia Law upon us, and immigrate to the a culture that has no resemblance to their own in vast numbers?  Are they trying to escape the bigotry of their own religion and culture, and if so, why try to change our culture to the one they ran away from?  Are all Muslims activists, or our some just so passive that they let the activists control them?  Of course all religions try to spread their word and increase their flock (thus increase their wealth), but this one religion is the only one that currently uses threats of war and death to conquer.

What about Racial Activists?  Black Lives Matter, the KKK, Nazi's, etc., are perfect examples of these psychos.  They are the ones truly spreading hatred and racism in the world, and our pacifist governments have continued to let them spread their vileness for years.  They use victimhood and religion to cover their true intentions, destroy anyone that is not like them or does not believe in their doctrines.  Again, pacifists have let them continue and grow.

I won't even get into Political Activists, Student Activists, Social Activists, etc.  There are far too many to name, let alone discuss their individual issues.  Suffice to say, in today's world, many of these activist groups are being sponsored by the elite, and their ultimate goal is not clearly known.  Other than creating chaos in the world,  their objective for the world isn't well know yet.  There is talk of a New World Order, of Population Control, of Post-Nationalism (whatever that is), but no one seems to know the truth.

Meanwhile, hard working adults are too busy, in most cases to stand up to these bullies.  With the only defense being pacifists that preach love, compassion and acceptance; the activists are slowly destroying every society they are a part of.  I guess one day, the straw will break the camels back, and conservatives will begin to fight back.  Let's hope it is not too late.

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