Friday, November 25, 2016

When the media portrays corruption as commonplace, we are in trouble

People have become so complacent when reading the news about corrupt politicians, bankers, and corporations.  The news media does not show outrage, as it should, they at times even seem to revere these parasites.

The American Political System has seen a decade or two of corruption, and I was beginning to believe that people were so used to dealing with corruption, that they would elect it in again.  That being said, we will have to wait and see if things will change, as promised.

In Canada, our sheep voted in the Liberals.  It is my guess that they were tired of Harper not being forthright with the public.  Although I'm not sure if he was blatantly corrupt, like most politicians, what we got WAS a completely corrupt government.  Not only are they corrupt they are a bunch of racists, calling all those that disagree with their immigration policies racist.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The Liberals follow the immigration laws when kicking out people that lied on their immigration papers, but continue to keep a minister that lied on her application.  They have spent us into around 30 billion into debt this year alone, and tell us the budget will balance itself.  Sure it will, if they succeed in taxing the Canadian people yet again with their Carbon Tax.  All the while they fly around in their private jets, giving millions of our tax dollars away to foreign governments (some of them that support terrorism), while neglecting our needy at home.

All that is done about this treachery, is a few politicians stand up in the sand box and call them names.  Our political system is like a bunch of spoiled brats playing in their Legislative Sand Box, collecting pay and benefits that they don't come close to earning.  At the same time, this group of idiots is making laws for everyday hard-working Canadians, whereas, most of these entitled have not really worked a full day in their lives.

I see people in Europe starting to stand up to this decadent government system, people in the USA have finally spoken;  now I am waiting for something truly marvelous to happen in Canada.  I won't hold my breath.  Meanwhile the CBC and other BS artists keep hiding the truth and covering up for those that have stooped to the lowest of morals (if they even know what they are).

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