Tuesday, November 1, 2016

21st Century - What in hell is happening?

I've seen a few changes in my last 64 years on earth, but nothing like the first decade of the 21st Century.  Some could describe it as the age of Insanity, but if you look at events closely, you'll see that there is a plan being implemented that is anything but insane, although extremely difficult to understand.

The world has always been fraught with wars.  Wars over lands, wars over religions, wars over differences in opinions and cultures, and lately, wars over greed and power.  All wars have one final outcome - people die, people gain power and yet others get rich.  At the end of may of these wars, the winners and losers are written in history, but there appear to be others that have spawned these wars with other motives, that go hidden from sight.

Today, we see a new and insidious type of war being fought.  There are no apparent battlegrounds, no apparent generals leading their soldiers, and no obvious outcome of the battle itself.  Many of us do not even know who started the war or which side we should truly be on.  Right and wrong have been blurred beyond the point of comprehension.  Sure, we can see some of the battlefields, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.; but we can't see past the death and destruction to understand what is truly going on.

We have watched the USA and UN trying to control the oilfields of the world, and covertly try to topple governments that they perceive as anti-USA, and we can see countries like China and Russia trying to protect their sovereignty over their own populations, but with the recent influx of Islam into Europe and the West, we are completely perplexed as to why our governments are more intent on protecting our invaders than protecting their own citizens.

Religions that are part of the heritage of the West have been controlled and diminished to the point they are almost non-existent, and nationalism ridiculed; whereas Islam has been promoted and allowed to flourish in our schools and governing systems. While our liberties have been eroded over the past decade or so, we see more and more rights given to outside religions.  Of course calling Islam a religion is sort of like calling our governments 'For the People'.  Islam is more of a plague than a religion.

I see that the world has come down to basically two governing bodies.  On one side you have the Islamic disease that controls most of the oil resources in the world.  They use these vast revenues to control their own citizens and also to influence governments in non-Islamic societies.  Although they only have about 1/4 of the worlds population under their control, their control over their own people is utterly complete.

They not only have control over their citizens minds, but also their religion and their government; complete control, from birth to the grave.  Their people must accept Islam, forever, and follow everything told to them by their Imams, without fail.  Otherwise they are cast out and killed.  They cannot insult Islam, and are taught, from a very early age, just who is accepted and who should be killed.

l can understand why they are now infiltrating other non-Islamic societies because their ultimate objective is to convert everyone to their Islamic religion and control the entire earth with Sharia Law.  What a perfect world it would be if everyone worshiped Allah 5 times a day, and displayed undying allegiance to their system.  And perhaps it was the West's meddling in their culture that has led to their apparent push back.

What I can't understand for the life of me, is why our Western and European leaders are allowing a group of people that hate us (and ultimately would wish us all dead), to enter our countries and live among us without assimilating and showing utter contempt for us.  Not only that, they mindfully pay them to live here.  Even going so far as to allow them religions freedoms that no other religion is allowed, and we have numerous goody two-shoes liberals wanting to bring them in by the thousands/millions.  Anyone that disagrees with them has 300-400 years of racism thrown in their faces to make them feel guilty about turning the bad ones away.

On the other side of the coin, we have us.  Controlled by about 1% of the elites of the world, we live relatively free in countries that still allow a resemblance of free thinking.  We can worship who/what we want, we are able to support our families, and live our lives in relative comfort.  Our society allows us to speak our minds, to choose our own paths, and be whatever we want to be.  Of course, we pay a price for our complacency.

Governments have become more corrupt, religious leaders have become lazy, and most people are so concerned with their lives that they don't see the big picture.  Not only do the rich control the finances of our world, they control what we eat and what we are told by the news media.  Our politicians no longer represent the people, but represent the interests of the elites and themselves.

I'm not sure if our governments are afraid of this new threat arriving on our shores, or if they have been paid to ignore it, and in many cases, to even support it.  This leads to the question.  Why are our governments allowing this threat to come into our countries and live next door to us?  It is like mixing water and oil.  Are they expecting civil war to erupt?  If so, what is the objective?  Or are the majority of Western leaders actually closet Muslims?

Of course, warmongers like Halliburton and others, make their money from wars, and I can clearly see why they would allow this situation.  And of course, these companies have politicians in their pockets, just like other large corporations do;  but if a civil war erupts, won't the population be destroyed, thus leading to less income for these instigators?

Maybe it is all just a big game, and the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's are laughing at the situation they have created.  They are gleefully watching as the world destroys itself and the New World Order takes control.  Maybe they are aliens in human form, and we are all just an experiment; with them creating a variety of conflicts to see what happens.

Anyway, whomever is creating this new world conflict, they are doing a great job of it.  Political puppets are mixing two opposite cultures, disowning their own people, while allowing the new culture to force itself upon their citizens; and even going so far as to control the news media to hide ugly atrocities such as rape and murder.  Western civilization is now operating under three sets of rules.  One for the rich, one for the poor and another for the new immigrants.  One system is difficult enough to manage, let alone three.

They are now allowing them to flaunt their noisy religion in the West's faces, while slowly creeping into their school system.  One must admit, our government is ensuring this friction continues for generations to come - unless, of course, civil war erupts soon.

The next decade or two should be interesting, at best.  What will be the outcome?  If you have any insight into why this is happening, I'd love to hear your ideas.

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