Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What we've learned from the 2016 USA Presidential Election..

1. Our politicians can be bought.  If you donate enough money to their political party headquarters, they will do and say exactly what you tell them to.  Thus the conspiracy theory about politicians being solely the puppets of financial masters  is true.
2. The news media is corrupt to the core.  What can be done about this is a good question.  Should we leave it up to the new President to deal with, or will these antiquated companies fail due to lack of customers, or be replaced by honest journalism on the internet?  If the ownership or management of these conglomerates is changed, will that force them to become news providers again?
3. Some people are truly sheep when it comes to voting.  They can support their party without question, even if it is obvious that they are corrupt to the core - including it's leadership.  Sure, you can blame the corrupt news media for misleading them, but it comes down to one simple question.  If it is obvious that Hillary has lied under oath and potentially committed treason, and that Donald said some bad things years ago and acts like a bull at times; even if both of these are true will I still vote for Hillary?  If so, those particular Hillary votes should be attributed to insanity or just plain old blind stupidity.
4. In general, the entire democratic system (as we know it) does not work as well as it should.  When the only people that run for leadership are rich, or rich and corrupt to the core, what does this say about hard-working Americans being able to run the country.  You can be the most honest and giving person in the world, but under the present system (without financing) you can never become President.
5. The American people, and yes, even the world, is in for some future changes.  Let's hope that Donald Trump's promises were sincere.  If so, I hope the changes will be positive.  Now, my last question, is will Hillary and her associates go to jail?  Oh, and please don't send all your losers to Canada.