Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Political Correctness - Social Insanity

Political Correctness is taking over the world, and it is not going to be pretty when it falls.  During the past 20 years or so, it has created a bunch of spineless wimps that believe in nothing but themselves; and bullying others.  Oh sorry, they also believe in defending any culture or group that has somehow created the illusion that they are suffering human rights violations.

The list of these liberal downtrodden is extensive.  Women, Muslims, Blacks, Aboriginals, Gays, Bi's, Transsexuals, students, and the list goes on.  The only people that it doesn't seem to include are the TRULY neglected are rape victims, non-Muslims, victims of violent crime, and anyone that believes in free speech.  This group of real victims are actually being abused, not helped.

The scary thing is, these left wing goody two shoes actually think they are doing the right thing by ignoring any other ideas but their own.  They were once the quiet spoken 'lovers of everyone and everything' that have now become themselves, the schoolyard bullies.  Maybe this is a natural progression.  The bullied are fighting back, but they are not fighting fair.

Now we have been forced to allow people that associate with a particular sex to basically use the washroom of their choice.  Let's see, I'm a man, but today I associate with being a woman or a 'transgender' in today's terms, and I demand to use the woman's washroom.  Or perhaps, I am a woman, but today I feel quite manly, so I will use the men's washroom.  Crap, I hope none of these mental cases decide to associate with a mass murderer today.

The new generation of leaders today have no sense of nationality, sexuality, or humanity left.  The believe in nothing and will not stand up for important issues, unless they are non-violent and meet their own personal criteria of righteousness.  When cornered, they revert to name-calling (racist, islamophobia, etc.) rather to act like an adult and try to rationally solve the problem.

We have created a bunch of whiners that run away from a confrontation (or when any disagreement triggers fear in they nimble minds) and hide in their safe places.  I wonder if they will wake up before it is too late and they are dominated by one of the gangs they are trying to protect.  Heaven help us all with these fools in charge.

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