Monday, August 15, 2016

What's wrong with Canada - Top 10

10. Canada has three sets of rules, one for French Canadians, one for Aboriginals and one for everyone else.  It is not truly ONE united country and never will be, unless laws apply to everyone equally.  Multiculturism does not appear to be working, as long as governments bend to the will of one group or another, to the detriment of the general population.  It is more like a fog that has come in and made everyone grouchy, and governments not able to see in front of their faces.
9.  Quebec has been threatening to separate for years.  Let them, and let them take their portion of the national debt with them.
8.  Governments have been throwing money at the Aboriginal community for over a century.  All it has done is make them lazy and dependent on taxpayer handouts, and of course, it's made a few of their leaders rich, while their members starve.  Stop patronizing them for injuries our ancestors caused, so they will get off their asses and work like every other human being.
7.  Stop selling (or giving away control of) our countries natural resources - like the forests, fish, wheat, oil, etc; and the worst- our countries borrowing policy that has eliminated the Bank of Canada.  When foreign companies have control of our resources, environmental and the public's issues are ignored.  Also, jobs leave the country along with the resources.
6.  Eliminate the senate, or at the least, elect them.  They are a complete waste of taxpayers dollars and another example of political patronage.
5.  Stop corporations, banks, or anyone else that could benefit from a politician being elected, from donating to political parties.  Wouldn't it be wonderful for a change to have an honest politician running that makes decisions based on 'what's best for the people'.
4.  Once elected, politicians seem to think they can make any decision that they want, based on the presumption that they have the voters behind them.  They DON'T in most instances (for instance, inexperienced Justin Trudeau won with only 39.5 % of the popular vote).  They must be made accountable, and if they do not do what's best for Canadians, they must be fired.  Perhaps if we have an elected senate, their main job could be to fire incompetent politicians
3.  The entire income tax system has to be revamped.  Although corporations should be given some sort of tax incentive to continue business, particularly when they employ Canadians, they must still pay their fair share.  Otherwise, give citizens the rights to the same write-offs bushiness's enjoy.
2.  Immigration.  Of course we should open our doors to those from unfortunate countries, but rules must be in place to ensure they are not dangerous, assimilate into Canadian culture (and not vice-versa), and contribute to the economy;  not become a drain on it.  Checking that they are not terrorists might be a logical first step.
1.  Educate the voting public.  When a person wins an election simply because he promises to legalize an illegal drug, his name is famous or they don't like the other guy, and the girls think he is good looking; then that population's morons are in dire need of being taught some common sense.

FYI - 
Canadian Prime Minister Salary - $170,000 annually + benefits
Contribution to PP for 6 years - $51,000, Taxpayers portion $1,188,000
Annual Pension - $139,000 annually in the past, now (after Harper's amendments) about $50,000 annually for life.
Pretty good for a guy elected because he is supposedly good looking, and promised to make it legal to get stoned. I think the voters that elected him WERE probably stoned already.

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