Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post safely people...

Someone suggested recently to never use your real name or address on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Perhaps people should take this a step further, and whenever mentioning Muslims or Islam, use code words.  You know like our RCMP are already called pigs and politicians are called leeches; perhaps Muslims can be labelled cockroaches and Islam can be called sewage (to describe the men that like to rape young women).

Then you can say that in Cologne recently; 1000's of cockroaches attacked and raped women in the name of sewage, while the Pig's did nothing, and the Leeches ignored the entire situation.  Witnesses heard the perpetrators yelling something like 'A lot at the Bar'.  This situation, and others like it, are flushing the entirety of the EU down the toilet.

Then at the least if you use a false identity online, and in addition, using these simple code-words, the politically correct police won't be able to track you down (or at least you'll make their job extremely difficult); instead of chasing the real criminals.

Canada has hit rock bottom when cockroaches can injure and rape our citizens in the name of their shitty religion, and the citizens cannot even protest; for fear of being publicly displayed and humiliated.  The cockroaches are the ones that should be harassed.