Thursday, January 7, 2016

Philosophy of the Harmonious Pomegranates.

The four great philosophies of the Harmonious Pomegranates:

1. All members will live side by side, displaying harmony and friendship, as do the seeds of the pomegranate.
2.  The laws of all lands will be changed to distribute wealth from the few, to everyone in the pomegranate, equally.  Every seed will have the ability to grow and flourish together, and only wise and enlightened seeds can become leaders.
3. Music, Art and Creativity will be in abundance, so that all in the seeds will have the opportunity to relax and grow after a hard day of work.  The Ukulele will become the core instrument of the pomegranate community, and Ukulele Bands will flourish everywhere; yet all other musical instruments will be gloriously accepted and welcomed.
4. Anyone can be a part of the pomegranate, but any sour seeds will be removed and sent to a place of isolation, whereby they can only return if they truly become enlightened and do not attempt to spoil the harmony of the other seeds.

Pomegranates sincerely hope that all other religions will adopt these philosophies and join this wondrous, yet somewhat fruity, movement.

This blog has now been taken over by the pomegranates, and new converts messages will be gladly posted, as long as they meet the criteria of the above four great philosophies.

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