Monday, January 18, 2016

Muslims vs. Christians - no contest in today's world...

Okay, this is my last (ha ha) post on the problems we face in the world today.  As the title suggests, in today's world, there is absolutely no contest in the fight between Islam and Christianity.  Islam will win, hands down.  Why?

1. Christians believe they should love thy neighbor, and Muslims will take advantage of this, move in, then kill them because they are infidels.
2. Christians believe they should turn the other cheek.  This allows Muslims to do all sorts of atrocities to non-Muslims, because Christians keep forgiving and forgiving....
3. The Christian leaders are weak and corrupted in many cases, and so are their flocks.  Many flock to Christianity because they are afraid to deal with problems on their own.  Muslims are the same, but Islam has strong and fanatical leaders, and ferociously keep their members towing the line.
4. Christianities only plan is to promise people everlasting life if they accept God.  Muslims promise the same, but also men will get a bunch of virgins in heaven if they kill infidels.
5. The Bible can be interpreted many ways, but generally always in a way promoting goodness.  The Quran can also be interpreted many ways, but the people interpreting it are mostly fanatics that want Islam throughout the entire world, no matter how many Christian and other non-Muslim lives it costs.  Therefore their interpretation tend to promote slavery and decimation.
6. Government leaders in the Christian world generally separate the state from religion, while at the same time promoting the Bibles liberal teachings.  Although peoples rights have been diminished a little at a time over the past years, the public is still living in comfort.  Islam integrates the state with religion, and with that power and the wars it creates, it is able to spread to non-Muslim countries with great ease.  Also, Government leaders in the West are greedily interfering in Muslim problems, thus opening the door for retaliation.
7. Even if you compare all the other religions in the world, they are mostly peaceful like Christianity.  Muslims are just the opposite, and thrive on the oppression of others (including it's own members) and killing all that stand in it's way.  Not only that, but it has the ability to destroy all in it's path, and at the same time, make Christians feel guilty or racist for calling them on their atrocities.
8. Christ was a fair and humble man, helping all those he came in contact with.  Mohammad lied to, killed, tortured and dominated all those he came in contact with.  End of story.

As a footnote.  I believe the only two things these two religions have in common is their philosophy on gays, and that it has taken man to distort their original teachings; but mixing Christianity with Islam is like mixing water with oil.