Monday, December 14, 2015

Xmas is fast approaching and I think it is time to seriously think about religion...

Religion, when mixed with politics, has had a devastating effect on the sanity of the world.  The religious writings themselves generally promote peace and love, but many fanatics have taken these writings completely out of context, and used them to promote their own distorted form of greed and power mongering.

Christians are no better than Muslims in many ways, and both can stand accused of atrocities, particularly when they are not only the one religion, but also control the government.  We have seen this in the Crusades, the witch hunts of America, and now in the terrorism of the Middle East working it's way West.  Religions prey on the weak, the sick and the poor; and in doing so, have the ability to make a sane person perform insane acts.

I would like to see nothing better than all churches and religious organizations disbanded, and replaced with individual spirituality.  We would no longer have rich and powerful religious organizations trying to influence governments and control both the citizens and it's members.  I truly believe that if people are left to their own beliefs, they will love their neighbors and treat others as they would like to be treated.

I suspect there would also be fewer wars because governments would not be able to use religion as a means to promote hatred.  But alas, I am just dreaming.

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