Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'm sure I'll go to Hell for this, but...

I think all religions are a farce.  The only thing they accomplish is leading the sick and helpless down their path of lies and deceit.  Their one goal apparently is to get rich and/or powerful; and many of them are succeeding quite well.

The Catholics (which my grandmother was a lifelong member) are probably the richest today, and their power is enormous.  To accomplish this, the church joined with various governments to force their religion on a multitude of other smaller countries than Italy.  It is unknown how many sinners were killed by them in the past, but I'm sure the number is phenomenal.  They tend to keep a relatively low profile in today's world, but their influence is still strong.

I've heard that Muslims of today, in many cases, are a peaceful people.  However, their teachings seem to instruct them that all non- believers are infidels and that the world should only have one true religion, theirs.  Some fanatical groups have broken off, and have interpreted their Quran to say that all infidels, or non-believers, should be killed.  They seem to be doing a pretty good job today of setting this in motion and stealing the 'domination spotlight' away from Catholics.

I don't know if it is just me, but I believe in some higher power, and I believe this power would want me to help others and to love my fellow human beings.  However, I do this privately in most cases, and have never been good at following like a sheep.  I just can't seem to be able to give up my own personal beliefs, and follow some religion that wants my money and my complete dedication to whatever cause they believe in.  My cause must by MY cause.

I look upon religious leaders as deceitful and corrupt, and the people that blindly follow them as helpless fools, in most cases.  A person must have very little self-worth to give up their life for some religions fanatic. All religions use false promises (well, I suspect they are false), to get their members to follow their various rules.  If you follow Jesus's word, you will get to heaven;  if you follow your imam and kill infidels, you will be given many virgins from Allah; if you protect cows, you will be accepted as a good Hindu; etc.

I guess I just mistrust religious and political leaders.  I also don't trust the news about what is going on in the world anymore because most of the news outlets are controlled by big business/banks, who are buying politicians, who are then dragging innocent people into wars, who are then being mislead about what is really happening in the world.  Let's face it, religions and governments are all about money, not our souls.

If anyone knows of an honest religion our there, please let me know.  I would truly love to believe in something again.  Until then, I'll just shake my head whenever I see someone blindly following a religion or religious practice. Of course, if there is in fact a true heaven and the promises are true, where do I line up to pay my way in like everyone else.

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