Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taliban, ISIS, Terrorists.

C'mon, don't tell us not to worry about between 80-130 or more potential terrorists living among us in Canada.  Aren't these the people that have been trained to despise Christians, and to infiltrate us and kill us whenever they get the chance.  They will lie and say anything they think we want to hear, to conceal themselves among us.

How our RCMP and CSIS actually think they can convert them from Islam is beyond my comprehension.  It's like convincing a serial rapist to live amongst his/her prey and to just please stop doing it.  I don't think so.  These people are so radicalized that nothing will bring them back.  Particularly since they truly believe heaven is waiting for them if they kill us.

The non-Canadian born potential terrorists that have now been trained in Syria, or wherever, and returned should have their passports revoked and shipped back to their home countries.  If they were born in Canada, that is a different matter.  Charge them with treason.  If they have been trained to make war on Canadian citizens, it is just that, an act of war and they should be treated as war criminals.

How can we allow people to leave our Country to be trained to kill us upon their return; and then let them come back.  Oh, I feel much safer now, we are watching them closely.  Yeah, watching them drive their cars into innocent Canadians.  Will we next see public be-headings from these people being watched?  What is wrong with our leaders?

I think I'll just stay in Mexico for a few more months, and upon my return to Canada, I'll watch carefully over my shoulder.  Don't tell me to feel safe with these fanatics living amongst us, and to have faith in our policing system to protect us.  To me, both have already proven their incompetence.  Do you feel safe?