Saturday, October 25, 2014

Russell Brand and Stephen Harper.

Canada is now under attack from extremists, and are now just like the USA.  Why?  Why is Canada now a target?  It is pretty obvious.  Our Federal Leaders (run by Harper) declared war on ISIS by promising to send our planes to Iraq.  Now this in itself may not be a bad thing.  ISIS extremists are dangerous and murdering innocent people, and they must be stopped by someone.  But in the past, Canada has always sent peacekeepers and humanitarian aid, not warriors.  Why change now?

Canadians are not idiots, but I think they are currently being manipulated.  Harper knows full well that during the heat of the Iraq/Syrian, or any other conflict, if we sent soldiers to fight we would become a target.  It is just like George W. Bush knew that if America allowed bin Laden to continue his threats, it would only be a matter of time before the jihad was brought to America.  When the twin towers fell, this gave his government the power to go to war, and strengthen US homeland security laws.

Sad, but now Canada is following in the same footsteps.  It is unfortunate that politicians thirst for power forces us into situations like this, and it is the Canadian people and our soldiers that will suffer - not Harper or his associates.  I will fight for Canada to the end and support our military, but never on behalf of a corrupt government that is more concerned with power and re-elections than with doing what is right for Canadians.  I hope Harper's motives are honorable. What do you think his motives are with an election looming next year?  Here is a link to Russell Brand's video.

In closing, it seems like the entire world is controlled by those with money and power - and to top it off, they all seem corrupt and above the law and are almost never held accountable for their actions.  I wonder if Democracy has a chance, but enough negative thoughts.  Russell Brand at least nails the sad truth, but makes it interesting at the same time.