Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Deaths in Iguala, Mexico.

I bought land in Iguala a couple of years ago, about the time the violence there started getting worse.  A long time local family I know there were attacked by armed assailants, and ultimately had to leave their home and business and move.

Iguala, and numerous other towns/cities in Mexico, are infested with 'Narcos' (the term used for people dealing narcotics).  With the crackdown on drug movement in Mexico over the past few years, many of these Narcos have moved into other lucrative businesses;  like theft, kidnapping, extortion, murder, and the list goes on.

To the average Mexican citizen, Narcos are easy to identify and stay away from.  It is ironic that the Mexican Government cannot seem to catch these criminals that their public sees daily.  Gee, maybe the Government and Police are actually being paid off by these guys, or even worse, are related to them.

The feeling here from my Mexican friends is 'Thank God' something like this happened; even though it is too terrible to imagine.  Now, because the world's eyes are on Iguala, perhaps this will finally force the Government to actually do something about the problem there.

For me, it will finally be nice to go see my property there one day.  My prayers go out to the families of the victims recently discovered.  It seems pretty certain that these may be the missing students, or at least some of them.  If not, the Narcos in the Iguala area have been busier than we thought.

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