Friday, October 27, 2017

The Abortion Controversy...

I am a man, so I probably am not allowed to state my opinions on this matter, but what the hell, men assist in the pregnancy, so why not have a say in the outcome.

I am definitely not pro-abortion, but also, I am not 100% anti-abortion.  I guess I would probably fall somewhere in the middle, but leaning more towards anti-abortion.  This could also even be considered partially pro-choice, I guess.

I think that if two consenting adults decide to have unprotected sex, and a pregnancy ensues, then the woman should not be allowed to just have an abortion because it is convenient - and definitely not at the expense of the public.  If there are not medical requirements for an abortion, then it should not be allowed.  However, saying this, it is imperative that the father be held just as responsible for the raising or adoption of the child.

It is the case of rape that keeps me from being 100% anti-abortion.  Because I am a male, I can't understand what feelings are created in a woman after a rape.  But I can guess.  Fear, anger, distress, and possibly even hatred.  It is in these cases that I truly believe it is the woman's choice whether or not to abort the child.

She could look at it as an abomination, something from Satan, and in this case, I believe she would be more than justified to abort the baby.  Of course, anti-abortionists say that a baby is a life immediately after conception, but that does not allow them to make a personal decision on an event as tramatic as rape. Some women may decide to carry the baby for the full term, then give it up for adoption, or in some cases, raise the child themselves.

And what about teenage pregnancies.  With these, I lean towards pro-choice, because they are not adults, and because of their inexperience or upbringing, could have made an extremely bad mistake.  However, in this instance, it should be the parents of the two children that should be held financially accountable for either abortion, adoption, or raising the child until the mother is an adult.

Again, this should be a personal choice, and no one elses.  Unfortunately there does not appear to be a middle ground on this issue, but both sides seem to be dug in.  They do not fully consider the wishes of the mother, who should make the ultimate decision. Just my humble opinion.

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