Sunday, October 15, 2017

Face it - Western Democracy is broken.

Let's face it, when the only politicians that can run for office are the elite, the rich, or those owned by the elite and rich, then the system no longer works for the people.  When large corporations and banks buy the leaders of countries, you can bet that those countries will no longer be about people, but about profits.

One other fatal flaw of politics today, is that elections are built on lies.  It may be one of the only occupations in the world that is not premised by honesty, and after you have won with promises, and then don't keep them, nothing is done. There is no repercussions for failed responsibility.

Let's look at Justin Trudeau for an example.  His name is the first thing that allows him to stand out from the crowd.  Of course it is just a famous name, and may make him immediately recognizable, but it definitely doesn't qualify him for any position of trust.  His second big platform was to promise pot smokers, and there are apparently a lot in Canada, legal pot.

Then he promised the gays equality, aboriginals more money than they are already receiving for free, and Muslims and other illegal immigrants ease of access to citizenship and voting. The only promise he seemed eager to work on was his multicultural cabinet.  Let's see, they are definitely multicultural, but all appear equally incompetent or corrupt, just like him.

And what has he done - nothing promised, with one exception. He seems to feel criminals and terrorists are exempt from the law, and has taxed the middle class to death to pay for giving millions away terrorists, terrorist organizations and countries.  He lets veterans and the poor freeze and starve and squashes any business that is not affiliated with his sponsors.

And what can be done about it.  Obviously nothing, since the government owns the watchdog that could have him impeached.

Meanwhile, Canadian voters attend each election with the thought of getting rid of the bad and replacing it with the good, not understanding that however they cast their vote, they are voting for the same rulers.  They are given the perception of making a difference, but making no difference whatsoever.

What can be done about this corrupt system?  Well, voting doesn't seem to matter.  Running for office only means you will be eaten by the corrupt system.  Protesting, yeah like that will work.  I think the abused citizens of the world will wake up one day, dig up the guns they have buried, and fight back.  Not against the real rulers, but against the governments that are letting these corrupt control with greed and hatred.

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