Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Second Book - Ghosts and Skeletons

My second book has now been published on, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo but hasn't taken off yet.  Maybe it is too scary for some people (just joking, it is the second edition in the "A Time Before Facebook" series).  It continues with the story of Jimmy growing up in Northern Idaho, and discovering new things and meeting new people.

This second book took much less time to write, edit and publish.  Not that I am getting better or faster at writing, but I've now learned where to publish online, how to properly format my writing and my cover designer is getting into the groove of designing my artwork.  Kasey is an artist I met in Port Alberni BC, and her work is sometimes a little morbid, but as long as I try to give her inspiration from appropriate stories in my collection, she seems to create the right visual scene.

Here is the link to the Smashwords Page for this, and my first book.

Please be sure to download your copy before the end of December for a discounted price.  Now, onto Book #3 in the Series. 

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