Saturday, December 6, 2014

Conspiracy theories - I tried, but I just can't keep silent on politics/corruption.

People make fun of conspiracy theorists, but I don't think it will be all that funny when the environment is eventually destroyed, the it turns out the 'paranoid's' may have been right after all.  For most of us mortals the complexity of the world is mind boggling.  Wars, politics, health crisis, environmental destruction, finance, law, racial differences, water and food shortages, drugs, rich vs. poor, etc., to name a few.

For me, there are just too many world issues, and it is difficult to focus on just one or two.  When I start, it almost gives me a headache.  Many times I just decide to worry about myself and my own family and friends.  But then I seen news, certain people in the world, that are not solely concerned with just getting by and raising their families.  They have had a taste of wealth and power, and it has given them the fuel to become even richer and more powerful.

Let me try to break it down if I can.  These billionaires are the richest of the rich, who not only want power and wealth, they want complete control.  They use their wealth to purchase entire countries (well, at least the politicians running the countries), and to enact laws in their favor.  Because many countries have laws against making direct contributions, they have set up various Funds to funnel their bribes to the political parties and politicians.  For example, the Koch brothers in the USA and their 'Americans for Prosperity' Fund or Walmart and their employee political contribution program.

With politicians in their pockets, their opportunities are boundless and there is no such thing as borders.  Whatever resources they want to take anywhere in the world, they just have to have the laws of that country changed in their favor.  If people protest, they take control of the news media and mislead the public.  If they want to pay less taxes, they again have the laws changed for their benefit, in most cases making it look like the Government is giving them tax breaks to benefit local industry development, rather than to pay little or no taxes.

Buying into the banking system gives them opportunities to get cheap financing for themselves and higher financing for the general public.  Banking interests also gives them the ability to invest in foreign corporations and banks that are having difficulty, and either cleaning out the bank's assets, or gaining control over the finances of another country.

They do not care about the environment, they do not care about natural resources, they do not care about any system that provides help and assistance for the general public and they do not care about YOU.  They care about making more money, obtaining more power and control, and passing on their status to their children, so that they can continue their plundering for generations to come - with what appears to be absolutely no remorse or guilt.

They have corrupted politics to the point where lying and cheating are the normal, with absolutely no fear of punishment, and worse yet, their lies are accepted or ignored by the public.  There is no accountability by these thieves, and they not only appear to be, but actually are, above the law.  It is time to start publicly identifying these criminals so the public can see who and what they really are - just like rapists are being identified in the news of today.

So, if you think I am crazy for joining the 'conspiracy theory' group, perhaps you are right.  But on the other hand, what if I AM right? Boy is the world in trouble.