Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When did I first know that I wanted to be a writer?

I was almost 20 years old and was moving to Vancouver from my little hometown in SE British Columbia, Creston.  I was starting my Business Degree at BCIT, and decided that I wanted to seriously learn to play the bass guitar during the few minutes I had available to me between living, studying and making new friends.  It was also about this time that I knew that I wanted to write song lyrics.

When the inspiration would hit me, I would jot down poetry in the form of song lyrics.  I had written about 50 songs during this period in my life, and somehow, this led me to writing something more substantial then song lyrics.  For god's sake, I hadn't even learned to play the bass guitar well yet, so what would I do with my lyrics?

After I received my Business Degree, I soon moved back to my hometown, got married and started raising a family.  On top of this, I began a new career with the BC Government, and my writing career was put on hold.  I did, however, start writing down a few titles of books I would like to one day write, and they all centered around my time growing up in Northern Idaho.

Fast forward 39 years, and I am now retired, the children are raised and I am spending most of the year in sunny Mexico.  My writing career has finally begun.

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