Sunday, September 14, 2014

I love writing and love my editor....

Safely back in Mexico to begin another round of writing after a very busy summer in Canada.  I faced numerous family challenges, while at the same time maintaining and upgrading my yacht.  I must say it is nice to live on the water on Vancouver Island each summer.

I made two trips to Bellingham, WA to visit my editor and drop off my second book "Ghosts and Skeletons" in the "A Time Before Facebook" series.  My editor is one of those old fashioned gals that likes to edit works 'hands on'.  This means that I can take my work to her in electronic formats such as zip drives, etc., but she likes to print out the document and make corrections by hand.

In the past I have used my home printer to print the documents (usually around 250 pages), and this gets rather expensive as far as printer ink goes.  We decided to try Office Depot to see what they would charge, and the cost is about 1/2, and they printed it out in seconds.  I felt so good about this, I bought my editor a 32 Gig Zip Drive.  I can now email her my finished first draft of future books in the series, and she can simply download them to her zip drive and take it to Office Depot to print.

Of course, I am trying to get her modernized, and hopefully one day soon, she will make all corrections to my manuscripts online and simply email them back to me.  Oh, that will be a wonderful day.  Then I won't have to physically make all the updates and corrections to the electronic documents myself.  But on the bright side, she has told me that the number of edits in my second book are far less then my first work.

Oh well, at least the second book is almost ready for online publication through Smashwords.  I love these guys as my publishers.  Now onto writing Book 3.

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