Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh Canada...

Well, made it safely back to Canada last week, and I'm amazed I arrived on time.  While sitting in the airport in Mexico City, we were notified that our flight was going to be arriving two hours late, and guess what, it was coming from Chicago.  Say no more.

We caught our flight and arrived in San Francisco two hours late of course, and I now had 45 minutes to clear immigration, collect my bag, clear customs and then run to Terminal 3 to find my gate.  Oh, and did I forget, clear security.  But a long story short, I made my gate when they were calling my name for the last time.  Luckily I couldn't hear this announcement at the security gate, or I may have had a breakdown.

I would like to thank the people in the immigration line that graciously let me slip in front of them (there were about 50 or more).  The customs officer was great too, and I literally ran to the carousal to pick up my bag.  Another piece of luck sent my luggage to me in the first group.  Thank goodness for wheels on luggage because I was able to make it to the luggage re-check in just in time.  Then more running across the airport to security and my gate.

I had decided that morning before leaving Cuernavaca to not take my mile and a half speed walk that morning.  Good decision because I must have ran at least two miles through the SF airport that day.  It would have been nice to have a bottle of water with me, but then of course, I wouldn't have gotten through security as fast as I did.  Anyway, I made it to Victoria right on time, and my daughter was right there to pick me up.

Thanks United Airlines, San Francisco immigration, customs and security, various travelers in the airport that let me sneak ahead of them, and Sky-link, who waited for me.  The next day in Victoria, a bus driver almost ran me off the road, but that is another story.