Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First it was birds waking me up, not the Cicada's are the culprits..

It is a couple of weeks before the rainy season here in Cuernavaca, and the Cicada's have emerged from their underground lairs.  I asked Raul what all the noise was about, and he informed me that this happened every year to signify the change in season.  The 5 months of rainy season was about to begin.  Luckily for me, I was getting packed for Canada, and would miss this wet season once again.

I thought there were only one or two of these large beetles (I have yet to actually see one) in the neighborhood, but it seems that the first one or two woke up all the rest.  Now they are everywhere around the house, and their noise can be quite disturbing.  If they are close, you can actually hear their wings, at least I assume they make the noise with their wings, start to slowly beat with a pulsing noise.

Then they reach their full pitch, and the noise is a steady buzzing noise that remains on one note; and is extremely loud.  Each burst lasts about 20-30 seconds, and when one starts, they all seem to chime in.  We drove downtown the other day, and they were everywhere.  It seems like they are making the noise up in the branches of trees, but because they live in the soil, I guess they are on the ground and their sound is emanating upwards.

I hope I get to see one of these creatures one day.  Sorry, posted a couple of weeks late from Canada.

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