Thursday, August 9, 2018

Has the NWO's agenda switched to a much more agressive tactic?

We've all heard the rumors that there is an ultra-rich group of people in the world that have so much money and power that their reality is about as far away from mere mortals as possible.  Their ultimate goal is to secretly change the world and it's governance to one under their sole control, oh, and at the same time, reduce the world population to 1 billion; a decrease of almost 80 percent.

They have been called things like the Illuminati, the skulls, etc., but one thing we know for sure is that they have profited over the centuries through wars, coercion of governments, and the rape of the earth's natural resources.  Over the past century or so, they have tried to install left-leaning Liberal Governments throughout the world.  Liberals are far more inclined to be influenced by tactics of fear, greed and racism.

It appears that over the past 10 years or so, their tactics have become far more aggressive.  Through financial sponsorship, they are currently pushing their Liberal puppets into accepting a culture from the East that is completely incompatible with Western Christian Cultures.  Friction is now beginning to hit Europe, Canada and, to some extent, the USA.  Anyone who does not agree with this cultural invasion is quickly labelled 'racist', 'bigot', and in some cases, even harassed and prosecuted.

Not only is this often barbaric culture being forced on peaceful citizens of Europe and the West, laws are being changed to allow it to be continued and even fast-tracked.  It is absolutely amazing that the common man has not figured this out yet.

We are told that to change this, we must get out and vote.  But what does one do when all the major candidates are owned, and even though their election platforms may vary slightly, once elected, all is thrown out the window, and they then follow the same NWO agenda?  Are we lost?

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