Thursday, September 28, 2017

Quebec Mosque Shooting - January, 2017.

Peter Mansbridge at Kate Purchase Wedding in Italy

I am patiently waiting for further news on the Quebec Mosque shooting that happened in January this year.  I must say that I was horrified as I first watched the news that morning, and read various posts, tweets, and other information as it was provided.  I watched interviews of people stating that they were sure there were two or three gunmen involved. I read information about a police chase of the perpetrators.  Later that day, I read that there was only one 'terrorist' involved, a student named Alexandre Bissonnette.  And to top it off, he was s a Trump supporter - he's gotta be crazy.

I went back to the Twitter, Facebook and the Canadian News channels where I had seen the original information, and it had all just disappeared, or had been changed to solely identify this one young man.  What was going on?  Were the witnesses wrong?  Did Fox and other news agencies get it all wrong?

Recently, while trying to follow up on this story and the fate of Alexandre Bissonnette, I read that shortly after this incident, Justin Trudeau's Director of Communications, Kate Purchase, sent an email to Fox News, strongly advising them to delete their tweets.  Could it be that the Liberals wanted to make Alexandre Bissonnette appear to be a lone wolf terrorist, and if there were other gunmen of Middle Eastern persuasion, this theory would no be believed by Canadians?  Would the Liberals try to mislead Canadians for some illegitimate purpose?

This story has all but died on the news, and I wonder if we will ever find out the truth?  Of course, we will have to believe anything Peter Mansbridge and the CBC tell us, there is no conflict between the CBC and the Liberals, they are obviously just family. 

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