Sunday, October 23, 2016

Justin Trudeau, In a nutshell.

First, be sure to give his bio a read:

As you can tell, he comes with unlimited experience to be the leader of a Nation called Canada. His father was previously a Prime Minister of Canada, which should immediately qualify him for the position - well, by name that is.  He was raised mainly by nannies, thus he feels no guilt, I am sure, for doing the same for his children.

The first 27 years of his life were glorious - living in a nice house, being raised by professionals, never wanting for anything and traveling around the globe, and then receiving the best education possible for the elites of the world.  In fact, he spent over 20 of these 27 years going to priveleged learning institutions in the East, and even slummed out west at UBC in Vancouver.

He then decided to try his hand at actually working like normal people, and was a substitute teacher at high-profile places like West Point Gray and Churchill.  Obviously working for a living sucked a little, so he decided on furthering his education and becoming an engineer.  After a year, he quit.  Then it was off to complete his masters degree.  Oops, another mistake, and he quit that after a year also.

In 2008, 8 years after his fathers death, and finding no normal career that satisfied him, he decided to enter politics.  He had finally found his place.  He was easily elected because of his name, and besides, all the girls thought he was extremely good looking;  and as we say, the rest is history.

All I can say is, I am sure glad we have a Prime Minister who is so experienced in all facets of life - someone I can truly look up to and respect their well-thought decisions.  Not only is he a politicial genius in many ways, he has demonstrated complete honesty in his election platform - something that few other politicians have ever done.

You know, like promising to legalize pot in Canada.  A small thing that won him thousands of votes from Canadian pot smokers.  Oops, he wasn't able to do that just yet.

Oh, and promising to make the Government more open and honest.  Well, that may just have to wait too.  Maybe until after he can buy his way into the UN.

Also, treating aboriginals more fairly, making better immigration laws, and all of this with only a small deficit of 10 billion (or 30, or 40 or somewhere around that) this first year of office.  I won't even get into fighting ISIS, protecting our Canadian Culture or looking after Canadians in need before giving billions to outsiders and refugees.

I guess I am just from the wrong generation.  You know the generation that can still think and look at all sides of an issue to determine where the truth lies.  Oh well, the people that elected this twit, have become so complacent that they would vote for an egg if it looked cute.

The future should be interesting for little Justin and his Liberals, because they promised everyone everything to get elected.  They promised the Muslims, the Aboriginals, Gays, Feminists, Banks, Corporations, Pot Smokers and about everyone else you could think of.  Now all of these groups are demanding payment for their support, and many of them sit on opposite sides of the fence.  Let's hope it all starts to unravel soon.  I have my popcorn, and am patiently waiting for the show.