Monday, September 14, 2015

What kind of writer are you? The Novelist

The Novelist - now this is a true writer in my book.  It is also what I aspire to be one day.

The novelist takes and idea, or a group of ideas based on either fact or fiction, and creates a story that allows the reader to drift off into another world.  When written well, the novel keeps you turning pages one after the other, to find out what happens next.

The novel, in many cases, can be the foundation for almost all other forms of writing.  Many screenplays, plays and movies originate from novels.  Novelists, like many other writers, spend much of their time hidden away in a secluded spot to create these marvelous works.  They don't come out to play often, but when they do, they are usually the quiet ones that may appear somewhat antisocial.  They may have a better relationship with their characters than they do with the real world.

However, once you peel away the protective layers of the novelist, you will find some of the most thoughtful and intelligent people hidden underneath that you will ever meet.  If only one day I can become a true novelist.  BTW, this is the final chapter on the various types of writers.

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