Saturday, August 22, 2015

Married lady in Ucluelet with tattoo of another woman's daughter's name above her breast.

Let's start at the beginning.  About 15 years ago a young man with mild learning disabilities about 18 years old, met a young girl about 14 years old who had her own emotional problems.  They fell in love, and as the young man started to mature and find suitable employment, the young girl turned to alcohol, and then cocaine, then crack, and eventually heroin.

During the alcohol stage, the two decided it would be a good idea to have a child, and they had a beautiful young daughter.  About this time the young man found employment as a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat.  While he began his training in his new career, the wife of his boss took the girlfriend under her wing.  It was known at the time, but both the captain of the boat and his wife were ex-heroin addicts.

It wasn't long after the young man had been out on a few fishing trips that he returned one day to find his girlfriend and daughter gone.  He searched the small town and found the girlfriend in a crack trailer, totally out of it, and his young daughter sitting in her stroller with a soiled diaper.  That was then end of the relationship, and the beginning of further problems.

The girlfriend moved to Nanaimo, and her friendship with the bosses wife matured.  It is my belief that the wife, being a recovered addict herself from what I heard, decided that she could help the young lady with her addiction problems.  Not only did she drive back and forth to visit the young lady, she assisted her with trying to obtain partial custody of her young baby (who was only about a year old at the time).  The young man, still working for the husband, was constantly dragged into court to fight for custody, and spent thousands in legal fees - money that would have been better spent on an education plan for his daughter.

Let's move forward to last year.  The baby's mother, now living in Nanaimo, was now hooked on heroin and living with a fellow in the same predicament.  This fellow overdosed and died, and a few months later, so did the young mother.  The young father married another woman and they have a new daughter, so the step-mother is now raising both children.

The young father is still working for the captain and his wife, and now the wife has decided that because she wasn't able to help the mother, she will now help this little girl (who is now 9 years old).  Not only has she set up a room in her home in Ucluelet for the child, I understand that she now has the little girls name tattooed above her breast.  I wonder if the deceased mother's name is on the other breast?

I sincerely hope that the young man smartens up and keeps this lunatic and her captain husband away from his daughter.  If the young girl is given the same assistance as the mother, heaven help her.  This woman probably thinks she is helping and is a friend of the deceased mother and her daughter, but with meddlesome friends like this, who needs enemies?  And finally, let's hope she doesn't have some kind of perverted interest in this young child, and if so, did she have the same for the mother?

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